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Author:  Larry [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Update Messages

We have partnered with Dell/Kace to provide helpdesk services to our users. One aspect of this solution is the ability to manage updates and patches better.

Most patching/updating occurs after hours on a staggered schedule by building to minimize impact on the network. Workstations will check in with the appliance and apply patches/updates as needed. All patches/updates that do NOT require a reboot are installed first. Once those are completed, patches that DO require an update are installed.

If the machine is not on, or outside the network, when it is scheduled to check in, it will wait 30 minutes after logon before checking in.

If updates are available, you will be prompted:

UpdatesAreReady.png [ 45.38 KiB | Viewed 32824 times ]

You have the option to install them immediately, or you may snooze. The snooze period is 60 minutes. If no response is received to this dialog box within 5 minutes, the system will interpret that as "OK" and begin installing updates.

You may see this prompt multiple times during the day as the machine checks in.

Once updates are installed, if a reboot is required, you will be notified again:

RebootRequired.png [ 21.68 KiB | Viewed 32824 times ]

You may choose "Yes" to reboot immediately (please remember to save your work). If now is not a convenient time to reboot, select "No." You will be prompted at 45 minute intervals up to 5 times to reboot. If you select "No," the snooze interval is 45 minutes. If no response is received to this dialog box within 60 minutes (a "No" response dismisses the dialog and resets the timer for 45 minutes), the machine will reboot. Also, if no one is logged in when a reboot is required, the machine will reboot automatically.

Please note: when you click OK, the shutdown is IMMEDIATE with no prompts to save. MAKE SURE you have saved your work!

In the initial rollout of this process, you may see these dialogs more than normal as our systems "catch up" on missed updates. These updates are CRITICAL to ensure your machine is secure and running optimally.

We have the ability to suspend this update process during testing periods. This is an important tool for us because the testing software will invalidate a test if ANYTHING is running in the background, or if any dialog boxes pop up. Our policy will be to suspend updates one week before the test is scheduled. Once we re-enable it, you may these dialogs more frequently as your machine catches up again.

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