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Socrative, Geddit, and Kahoot
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Author:  housej [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:18 am ]
Post subject:  Socrative, Geddit, and Kahoot

These apps allow you to create quizzes, exit tickets, discussions, and so on.
Socrative @ ... 9003,d.eXY is still my favorite because it has built in exit tickets and quick on-the-fly questions. Multiple choice, short answer, multiple answers, you name it. You can add pictures, links, feedback for correct or wrong answers. Also, you could use one phone or computer for an entire class. No logon for students is required, and you don't have to enter names. All students need is access to internet or app. Students see the questions on their device. You can show the results live if you want. There's also a team game option.
Kahoot @ ... 9003,d.eXY allows students to use any device that connects to internet to answer questions by clicking on a shape. You'll need to use your computer to show the questions on the screen for students.
Geddit @ is a way for students to let teachers know how well they understand.

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