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Windows Update Client Command Line Switches
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Author:  Larry [ Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Windows Update Client Command Line Switches

Below are the command line switches for the Windows Update Client.

To utilize these switches you should shell out to DOS and type:

wuauclt <space> and the appropriate switch.

  • /? - list parameters and usage

  • /? - describes usage of wuauclt.exe
    The /? switch should be supported and give details of wuauclt usage. If client options are in error, this summary is displayed following an explanation of why the error occured.

  • Verbose mode console logging, with multiple levels
    /v - verbose mode
    /vv - very verbose mode
    Both switches cause wuauclt to output normal log information to the command line (STDIO). /v provides basic information, while /vv logs greater detail. /vv is what is logged in normal logs.

  • List client configuration
    /configlist - lists WUAUCLT configuration.
    This option lists all configuration items current by the client, and includes the client version number, AU policy/registry settings and provides details of all AU clients files, version numbers, file dates, etc.

  • Install the correct AU client by force
    This option causes the system to contact either the confiugred WSUS server, or Microsoft's WU server, and to reinstall forefully the latest version of the AU client.

  • Make /DetectNow a little less silent
    /DetectNow - forces a client AU detection and logs details
    The /detectnow option should log to stdio what it is doing. This includes what WU server it is contacting, how many updates are on the WU server, and how many are needed by the client, etc, and any information being sent back the server.

  • Clear Log File
    /clearlogfile - clears the client update log file
    /clearandsaveogfile - saves the current client update log file to a named file, then clears the update log.

  • Download Updates Now
    /downloadnow - initiates an immediate downoad of any requried update using BITS
    /downloanowfast - initiates an immediate downoad of any requried update using HTTP.
    This option forces the AU client to start downloading any outstanding updates.

  • Stop Downloading AU Updates
    /stopdownload - stops any AU updates being downloaded (either using HTTP, or BITS).
    This option stops the downloading of any AU updates either queued, or in progress.

  • Test WSUS Server Connecttion
    /TestWSUSServer - checks connection with configured WU Server
    This option attempts to coonect to the WSUS server configured, and checks that a connection can be made, and that communcations between AU client and WSUS server are working.

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