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How to install Munis on Vista
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Author:  Larry [ Thu Sep 27, 2007 5:55 am ]
Post subject:  How to install Munis on Vista

You may do this with UAC on or off.

This procedure must be used because Vista uses a PER-USER temp folder as opposed to a PER-MACHINE temp folder in previous versions. Vista directs the temp folder to the users profile folder. If you have re-mapped the documents folder to the users I:\ drive Munis will not install. Other applications may fail as well depending on how/where they expect the temp folder to be located. I can’t think of any implications (other than security which is why they did this) that would cause a problem under Vista.

When the next version of the client is released (no expected date given), this error will not be present.

Shell out to DOS.

md temp (Don’t worry about an error if the folder already exists – we just want to ensure there is somewhere to point the temp files to)
set temp=c:\temp
set tmp=c:\temp
Bring up the run dialog
Type \\munissrv\client$
Right-click on setup.exe and select “Run as administrator”
If UAC is on, you will have to approve the action

The application should install normally. If you get a strange error about the I:\ drive: (You should only get this if you have not rebooted after doing the “sets” in the DOS box shown above), although you may see “%SystemRoot%\TEMP” in the box. This should work. The default value will point to the users profile.

Right-click on Computer (My Computer)
Select Properties
Select Advanced system settings
Select Environment Variables
In the System Variables box (bottom box) scroll down until you see TEMP
Click on it and select Edit
Change it to c:\temp
Select OK
Find TMP in the list
Click on it and select Edit
Change it to c:\temp
Select OK
Select OK

Try installing the program again.

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