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If you are being prompted to enter a username and password when navigating away from an agenda item, please click here.  The link will attempt to add a key to your registry as described at  This registry file only adds the DontAddToMRUIfURL key to your registry.  It does not install any patches.  When prompted, you will be asked if  you want to "Run" or "Save" the contents of this file into your registry.  Please "Run" the file.  This fix has been tested and proven to work on a variety of machines.  You may have to grant access multiple times if you are using registry monitoring tools, AntiVirus software, and/or Spyware blockers.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Larry Jones.

Please note:  if your Office installation is fully patched, you should not need to install the above registry key.  However, the password problem has been encountered on a machine that is known to be fully patched; thus, the above fix may be required regardless of the state of patches on your individual machine.  You may check for office updates at  If your Office installation is fully patched and you are uncomfortable installing the above registry patch, you may still use this site, but will have to select "Cancel" when using the back button on your browser after selecting any of the documents above.

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