Hal Henard School faculty and staff are celebrated!
Left to right: Lyle Ailshie, Amanda Gibson, Beverly Miller, Eddie Jordan, Vicki Kirk, Ken Fay, Lisa Stephens and Bill Lorch.
Only the best . . but getting better.

Central Team staff showed up early one recent morning at Hal Henard Elementary School. The purpose of their visit was to celebrate some very special people. The faculty and staff of Hal Henard School are known for their kind and caring spirits when it comes to the children they serve. A recent letter to the editor of our local newspaper pointed out that some of the best people in the world work at Hal Henard School. The new ACCESS program is a huge success and one aspect of the program has the children (and adults) spending some time after school walking around the community. It is an effort to improve the physical fitness of everyone at the school. Our hats are off to this great group of people - they are certainly "only the best . . .but getting better".

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